Moroccan Couscous with Saffron

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I’ve eaten two really good Moroccan couscous’ this month.  One was cooked by a Moroccan guy in my Italian Language class.  The other I ate in Paris at L’Atlas.  The presentation of the couscous at L’Atlas was beautiful.  The waiter first came out and scooped plain couscous onto our plates.  He brought us small bowls filled with toppings: chick peas, sugar soaked raisins, and chili paste.  Then he returned with an enormous serving bowl filled with vegetables in a saffron-flavored broth.  Luke also received various meats and we assembled our plates  to our liking.  I didn’t get that fancy at home, but tried this Moroccan Couscous recipe from Alicia Silverstone.  Like L’Atlas, I topped the couscous with chickpeas, raisins, and a squirt of Harissa.