After reading a couple of books that boast the health benefits of eating fish, we challenged ourselves to try cooking more fish at home.  We received most of our recipe inspiration from Mark Bittman’s NYT article on White Fillet a Dozen Ways.  For those in Italy, the blog Aglio, olio, e peperoncino has a great post including translations and descriptions of the fish you see at Italian fish markets, Italian fish & seafood names, translated.

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Broiled Orata with Tomato and Capers


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Roasted Pagello with Potatoes, Sage, and Garlic


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Whole Orata Baked in Parchment Paper

On my last trip to the market, they told me the orate were too small to fillet before cooking.  They explained to me how to cook it whole by wrapping it in parchment paper and roasting it in the oven.  They also kindly removed the head and guts for me.  I used this recipe, whole fish baked in parchment paper, as my guide.  I was skeptical my preparations would result in success and was nervous while the fish baked in the oven for 40 minutes and our tummies started to rumble, but it came out edible and, dare I say, pretty delicious!