Ginger Paradise



My friend left me her juicer while she’s out of town so I’ve been experimenting with juicing.  This Ginger Paradise juice has ginger, carrot, and apple.  It tastes good and the ginger gives it a nice kick.  Making your own juice definitely gets you thinking about all of the resources that go into a juice.  The process creates a lot of vegetable scraps, which if you don’t compost seems like such a waste: I think about all of the resources that were used to grow the vegetable/fruit, only to throw most of it away.  It also makes you think about how much sugar is in juice.  I think if someone who drank a couple large glasses of orange a day had to pick and juice all of the oranges that went into the juice, they’d be in for a big surprise.  When you see how many oranges go into a small glass of juice, drinking orange juices seems a bit gluttonous.  I’m usually satisfied if I eat one or two pieces of the real fruit.  I don’t think I’ll be a regular juicer but it’s been a fun experiment.