This is my digital recipe box.

In my efforts to learn about food, eat well, and teach myself how to cook, I’m always trying out new recipes.  And learning to cook in the 21st century, most of the recipes I try I find on the Internet.  I used to e-mail myself the links to recipes that I liked; but unless I liked the recipe enough to file it into my memory, it would likely disappear into the depths of my inbox over time.  This site gives me a place to file the recipes I try & like in an organized and visually appealing way.

Beyond helping me to document recipes, I’ve found that posting photos of my creations here is surprisingly gratifying; it’s the award sticker that often motivates me to get cooking or to add those extra chopped nuts or bit of garnish to the plate.

As you can see, this is really for me.  But if I can share a good recipe with a friend, that’s certainly icing on the cake.