Ginger Paradise

  My friend left me her juicer while she’s out of town so I’ve been experimenting with juicing.  This Ginger Paradise juice has ginger, carrot, and apple.  It tastes good and the ginger… Continue reading

Salad with roasted pumpkin

I’ve been on a kick lately of throwing roasted vegetables on salad.  Here I put roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, toasted walnuts, a dash of flax seeds, and dried cranberries.  I used a mix… Continue reading

Cavatelli with chickpeas

  Tried to recreate a pasta I ate while visiting Matera in the Basilicata region in Southern Italy.  It was a good attempt, but didn’t compare to the dish I ate in Matera.… Continue reading

Roasted Vegetable Salad

  Salad topped with roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, and avocado.


I made a frittata following these tips from theKitchn.  I threw in diced chard stems, chard leaves, garlic, red onion, cumin, and paprika.  We topped both the toast and frittata with sliced and… Continue reading

Carrot soup with tahini and crisped chickpeas

Carrot soup with tahini and crisped chickpeas from smitten kitchen

Red Cabbage Salad

  It’s December and the cabbage is bountiful at both  the Farmers’ Markets & the garden where I volunteer.  A couple weeks ago, I had more cabbage then I knew what to do… Continue reading

Pasta e Fagioli

  Another dish inspired by the food stand at the Wednesday Night Farmers’ Market on via Orfeo in Bologna: Pasta e Fagioli with borlotti beans and gnocchetti pasta shells.  A warm soup for a cold… Continue reading

La Zuppa del Purgatorio

This was inspired by a soup we ate in Rome at Armando al Pantheon.  The soup was made with zucca di mantova (pumpkin from Mantova) and a type of cannellini bean called fagioli del purgatorio.  Our waiter… Continue reading

Farro with Kale Pesto

  Inspired by one of the dishes I ate at the Wednesday night Farmers’ Market on via Orfeo in Bologna.  I cooked up a batch of farro and tossed it with this kale… Continue reading